TEKNIA is a natural haircare range designed to generate true beauty rituals, experiences and a new way of thinking about the nature of haircare products. Comprising of 9 haircare lines that include shampoos, conditioners, oils and treatments, TEKNIA provides effective solutions in caring for all hair types.

TEKNIA products are the fruit of meticulous work. From its design to distribution, choice of packaging, production processes and raw materials through to the recycling of the final product, TEKNIA is inspiring conscious beauty.

Sustainable -  TEKNIA is produced out of Lakmé’s state-of-the-art production facilities using latest innovations such as its cold production processes that provide a 27% saving in energy and time. Solar panels reduce energy consumption with methods for water saving and waste management in place.

Organic -  Every product in the TEKNIA range is formulated with eco-friendly, organically sourced ingredients from sustainable crops, complying with ECOCERT Greenlife natural and organic cosmetics standards. Stimulating fragrances, inspired by nature and enhanced with natural essential oils provide a true beauty ritual and a sensory experience.

Vegan - All products are vegan and not tested on animals. They do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, nor generated by animals.

Eco-Friendly - Raw ingredients are selected from organic sources and extraction methods minimise environmental impact to preserve natural resources. All packaging is eco-friendly and made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials and are 100% recyclable.