Infuse My.colour

Infuse My.Colour™  shampoos infuse your hair with colour pigment as you shampoo.  100% PETA Certified  Cruely-Free and Vegan , free from parabens – silicones – sulfates.
We all love to look our best and our hair colour ices the cake, right? I mean gorgeous iridescent blondes and fiery coppers or a Ruby red so rich it ignites visions of a flame. Multi-tonal hand-painted tones of blondes and bronde the colour possibilities are endless…  But what happens when hair colour fades? We look rather dull and not so vibrant (ain’t nobody got time for that) or spending time refreshing colour. Infuse My Colour™ Shampoos add tone and vegan pigment to hair as you shampoo/cleanse.  Simply washing your hair as you normally do whilst refreshing your colour and adding tone with Infuse My Colour™ Shampoo. Never have faded hair colour again!! Read on to find out which Infuse My Colour ™ Shampoo is best for you it’s simple.