Infuse My Colour Shampoo - Platinum

Lindsey Youngman

Blondies, this one's for you!

There are so many purple shampoo and conditioners on the market and its so hard to know which ones truely work! 

I'm a natural brunette and it can take a lot to keep the brassiness at bay and keep my hair healthy and hydrated so trust me when I say that I have tried so many different toning products!

So what we know, is that violet tones neutralise unwanted warmth in our blondes and greys and restore us to beautiful cool platinum tones. Big tick! But, do you go shampoo or conditioner? Personally we love a toning shampoo. A shampoo will open the hair cuticle and allows the product to get in and work its magic from the inside out. The problem with this can be, when you use a purple shampoo that is too strong, ends up staining the hair and leaves you with over toned, blue or khaki looking hair. Yes, we have all been there!

For most it is trial and error but we have done the leg work for you and in the process have fallen in love with The platinum shampoo by Infuse My Colour™ and even better it won't break the bank at only $30.95! Infuse My Colour™  shampoos infuse your hair with colour pigment as you shampoo.  100% PETA Certified  Cruely-Free and Vegan , free from parabens – silicones – sulfates it will leave your hair feeling healthy, hydrated and looking fresh! I also found that with is being organic and free from nasties, it leaves your hair feeling super clean, soft and weightless.

HOW TO USE Infuse My Colour Shampoo – Apply a generous quantity of Infuse My Colour Shampoo (double the quantity of your normal shampoo- as it is a natural product, you'll find it doesn't lather up as much). Apply shampoo evenly and shampoo! Rinse and repeat the shampoo procedure, consecutive applications will add more tone to the hair, remember that infuse my colour shampoo is instant no need to wait. Once you have completed the shampoo ritual follows with your conditioner (we recommend something hydrating and free from pigment.) 


Infuse My Colour™ Shampoo also comes in Quartz, Graphite, Copper, Gold and Cobalt so the is one suit every hair colour. Visit our Store to try it yourself!

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